Being Transparent

A month ago on March 9th, I wrote a blog called “Are you Relationally Engaged?” It challenged me because in our culture of busyness, depression, and loneliness we aren't very good at being engaged with the people around us. At work, I receive a text or email weekly asking me tips on how to develop deeper relationships. So, if you feel like you don’t have deep relationships with others. Don’t get discouraged- because many people long for in-depth relationships.

The problem is, I don’t believe there is just one size fits all solution to develop healthy relationships. One of the problems is that most of us aren’t transparent enough to develop healthy relationships. Exodus 9:11 says that God met with Moses, “face to face, as one speaks to a friend.” Many of us haven’t met with anyone face to face in weeks. Sure, we talk to someone to order our daily coffee but many of you would have to admit that you haven’t had a genuine transparent face to face conversation with someone in weeks. The key to developing a deep relationship isn’t just consistency, it isn’t just “giving it time” and it isn’t just being funny. It is required that you allow some level of transparency. If you want to develop close friends, you must be transparent with one another.

As Christians, we need to be more willing to let our guards down and share our struggles. Sure, this takes risk, but this is necessary. We must be transparent, genuine, and authentic with others. What I have noticed is that we have become so desensitized to our own problems. Our busyness causes us not to notice that the people around us have problems of their own.

I often hear the phrase, “I’d rather listen, then talk.” I think that is good, but my next question is, are you really listening? People want to be heard but they also want a genuine responses. Be transparent with the ones that love you. You wont regret it.

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