Leave People and Things Better Than You Found Them

“Do not be concerned about your own interests, but also be concerned about the interests of others.” [Philippians 2:4]

This thought process came from years in the athletic arena. Often after games, your coach would step into the locker room and say, “Leave this locker room better than you found it.” As a player, you never knew the impression that it left on the opposing program. The picture on this blog is from the 2018 World Cup. Japan has just lost to Belgium 3-2 and they left the match heartbroken. But, because of their code of conduct they cleaned the locker room. According to multiple reports they left the room spotless and left a thank you not. Imagine the respect that the custodians felt towards the Japanese soccer team. I am beginning to realize that when I leave people and things better than I found them I am showing gratitude towards them. Today, more than ever we are busy and always on to the next things in our lives. Leaving people and things better than you found them is a lot easier than you think! It shows more ownership, it shows that you value you people and people need to feel valued. I am writing a short list of things you can do to value people around you. Call me old fashion but you are going to love the reactions you get. Trust me, I love the reactions I get!

  1. Asking a store cashier something that doesn’t relate to your purchase. Example, “How long have you been working today?”

  2. Picking up trash

  3. Saying yes sir’ and yes ma'am (This one tends to get an awesome reaction!)

  4. Opening the door for people

  5. Putting your shopping cart away after using it (Get crazy & put other people’s carts away)

  6. Calling people to check In

  7. Write a letter

Trust me when I say, the smallest moments can create big impact. I don’t like seeing trash on the ground but that’s no because of me. It’s because over 10 years ago I watch my college President reach into a bush and pull out a Turkey Hill Tea bottle and throw it away. If he can do it, I can do it. Leaving people and things better than you found them is a simple mindset that shows you value the people around you. All you need to do is slow down and have the self-awareness to show your gratitude.

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