Mean What You Say

Season 4 of Brothers of Merit has begun! Buckle up! The boys are bringing heat!

Today’s write up is going short, sweet and S-I-M-P-L-E

Read this statement: “People respond more to what they feel than what they hear.”

Let me explain this statement – A few days ago it was hot outside. The AC was on, and my son left the front door open. I asked him to shut it. Nothing happened. I then repeated myself, “Reagan, you’re letting all the cold air out - please shut the front door. Nothing Happened. I then stood over his six-year-old body and firmly asked, “Reagan, please shut the front door.” Nothing happened. I then clapped, raised my voice, and said, “Reagan, PLEASE SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!” He ran, jump, scurried and nearly face planted his way to the front door.

Why? Because my energy gave him a sense that I wasn’t happy. My energy (yes, frustration) got his attention.

Men, do you have energy behind the words you say? Do you feel like the people around aren’t listening to you? There is a chance that your energy and demeanor show a lack of confidence, and a lack of urgency. Hear me out- This doesn’t mean that you need to yell, scream, shout and say radically outlandish things. I am saying; speak your words like you mean them. Remember my opening statement, “People respond more to what they feel than what they hear.”

This past year, I had a mentor train me in this area. It helped me a TON more than you think. He told me to imagine talking to myself. Here is an example that I wrote in my journal from last September. This specific morning I was late for work, I was leaving the house. I looked in my wife’s direction and said, “love ya” and walked at the door. As I was walking down the driveway, I thought of my mentor’s words. How would I feel if I was on the receiving end of a “love ya” as the door was closing? I would have felt nothing. Yes, nothing because I had no emotion behind it. So, I turned around. I opened the door and walked up to my wife, held her hand. I then looked her in the eyes, and I told her I appreciated her and told her I loved her. I then went to work. At 11:07 that morning, I received a text from my wife saying that she appreciated my kind words.

Gentlemen, mean what you say. Say it like you mean it.

Have a great day fellas,

-Grant Lockard

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