“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” - Proverbs 16:9

Welcome to 2022! We are extremely excited to begin another Christ-led journey that is meant to inspire men to step towards brotherhood. I struggled coming up with a title for this blog post so I decided to stick with “Untitled”. I believe it is fitting, as it relates to the new direction that we feel called to take Brothers of Merit. For the past three seasons we have dug deep into what it takes to stand side-by-side other men as a brother, all-while mirroring Jesus on a daily basis. Our main focus has been on brotherhood and while that is still the foundation of our ministry, we think it is time to take things a step further. As men, we encounter numerous steps in our walk that require in-depth focus and faith such as marriage, fatherhood, anger, etc. The goal of Brothers of Merit is to equip men with the tools and experience necessary to trust in God and allow Him to guide us through every step. With that said, we have decided to focus not only on brotherhood but also the topics that are encompassed within it. All of this goes back to the title of “Untitled” and why there are too many to choose from. Our God is not meant to be placed in a box or a frame and neither is brotherhood. He has crafted a life for every one of us that is unique to each person and I pray that the direction we are taking will assist in providing strength and clarity to each of you.

We have expanded our team at Brothers of Merit and I can’t wait for what the future holds! Over the next month each member will post their first monthly blog post and introduce themselves. As for myself, I am Brandon Collier, the founder of Brothers of Merit. I’ll spare everyone the boring details of who I am and just reiterate how excited I am to be back.


Brandon Collier

“Be vulnerable. Be dedicated. Be strong.”

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