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How To Open Sim Card Slot In Moto Z2 Play

Just use the not-pointy end in the SIM eject hole and press down on the edge of a table. I'd advise you not to try this using your hand. But desperate times call for desperate measures! Often, a needle will just do the trick. / ©. Sounds like you put it in in reverse.

I did that when I first got the Moto Z GSM. (Will never make that mistake again). Using the pin failed to pop out the sim tray a bit to where you could grab it and pull out. Anyways, If it's covered under warranty, ask them to mail you another sim tray. I did that and it took a week. Aloha everyone,Today, a quick tutorial on putting your SIM card and microSD card in your Moto z3 Play. Thinking of getting one? Check out the link below:Ama...


How To Open Sim Card Slot In Moto Z2 Play - Rowan Casino

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